Our Contribution


Yummy Marketing sketched four modern concepts to illustrate a dining experience never tasted before. Bait presents a memeorable, fine dining experience that pairs exquisite plans, magical cocktailes and a vast variety of wine pairing options.

Design Concepts & Application

Concept One

The first brand concept exemplifies a sharp, elegant, intimate experience.  Being that Bait specialized in rare seafood, we incorporated a fish tail into into the “B” to be cohesive with their brand identity.  This concept was ultimately their final choice. 

Color System

Bait Fish Grey

Bait Shale Stone Grey

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Concept Two

The second brand concept we created to portray a modern, fresh, and warm experience.  The design team used a plethora of design layers to mix turquoise, black and tans to create a unique seafood experience that screams great food, high end service , and a fun atmosphere.

Color System

Bait Oxidized Copper

Bait Gold Cream

Bait Rustic Brown

Bait Vert Fence Pattern


Crafting a brand of excellence requires indulging into the mission, personality, and fabric of the business. We approach all of our projects from a consulting perspective first and marketers second. 

Web Development

Your website is the brains of your operation, it doesn’t need sleep, get sick, or take vacations.  We utilize technology and enterprise design to showcase world class brands, enhance operational efficiency, and enhancing user experiences which ultimately leads to more sales. 

World Class Design

Design is everything, our experienced design team executed the latest trends and protocol to make sure Bait’s site looks amazing, loads fast, and is search engine optimized. 

Concept Three

The third brand identity portrays a casual, nautical, high end seafood experience.  We tied in a unique color scheme to connect Bait to the ocean.  This concept gives Bait the opportunity to be a global brand across all seas.

Color System

Ocean Turquoise

Seafoam Green

Pink Sand

Burnt Gold

Missouri Mud

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