Fassrides’ American made, world class fuel pumps are built with performance in mind.  That being said, Fassride experienced fast growth in all directions. These fortunate growing pains called for an ecommerce solution that would harness rapid growth, protect brand identity, and improve all internal and end user experiences.


FASS Diesel Fuel Systems are engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A. and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Diesel Performance Products aren’t just an accessory, they are a way of life; As is the reliability of an American Made product. FASS diesel fuel systems provides the cleanest fuel to the vehicles powering the infrastructure of our great nation, whether it’s a Class 8 Semi hauling Pittsburgh Steel, or a Diesel Pickup in cattle country, FASS is built to last.


FASS Diesel Fuel Systems is a manufacturer dedicated to its craft. We maintain customer loyalty by producing the highest quality products and components. FASS Fuel Systems are designed to eliminate air and vapor trapped in diesel fuel. When air and vapor are eliminated and replaced with pure fuel we are able to provide your diesel engine with the cleanest burning fuel possible. Please take a look at our products and accessories and feel free to chat with one of our technical support representatives if you have any questions at all