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Bolinger Law Firm offers a family-friendly feel to the business law and estate planning arena.


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Bolinger Law Firm

Bolinger Law Firm, LLC  provides quality legal services through the development of meaningful relationships that empower, protect and expand thier client’s interests. Each legal matter presents a unique challenge that they will help you overcome. In order to serve your needs best, they focus their practice areas on estate planning and business law. There is no legal matter too big or small for Bolinger Law Firm, they will work dilligently on your behalf to help you achieve your objectives.

Unique Features

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Yummy is a web Design and Development company in St. louis and Florida but we what good is a site with no traffic? Creating a Blog and engaging content calendar for Bolinger Law enabled content to be published on the web and drive engaged traffic to a relevant landing page @

Appointment Automation

Time is money and sometimes we forget to save time in this respect.  Business owners get bogged down in the emails, calls, and fluff talk.  Yummy enabled  company wide appointment automation through the site.  Patrons go to the site and if the Attorney’s calendar permits and he accepts the invitation, the appointment will be added to his calendar.

Photo Shoot

Superior web design is hindered with unprofessional photos and videos.  Yummy boasts a 4500 Square foot Studio in Brentwood, MO where took headshots and theme images in the green screen to give this a very clean and professional design.