Liberty Restaurant Group

Liberty Restaurant Group (LRG) was founded in 2006 and is a Franchisee Of Burger King Corporation®. LRG currently owns and operates 24 Locations in Missouri and Illinois and is one of if not the largest Burger King Franchisee in the midwest.


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Liberty Restaurant Group

LRG is very active in the community and known for its social responsibility within the St. Louis region.  LRG continues to invest in community initiatives and is committed to the youth and supports various organizations including but not limited to; Haven House St. Louis, Sherwood Forest Camp, the Racing to Read Charitable Foundation, the VFW Foundation and many others.

Unique Features

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24 Location Map Integration

Yummy used a code plug in and input the data for all 24 locations and integrated the google maps pins so each Burger King could easily be identified by users and employees.

24 Location Employee Portal

24 Burger King locations can keep you busy, one major tasks is staffing, it brings with it risk, time investment, and an arsenal of paperwork.  Yummy implemented a technology solution that automates the entire application process per each fo the 24 locations thus saving management time and increasing the bottom line earnings.

Media Page

Liberty Restaurant Group is a major staple in the Missouri and Illinois communities that they service. LRG is constantly involved with big Charitable movements; this comes with an array of publicity and healthy backlinks that we wanted LRG to be able to portray on this website.